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Good times are here, Sherman Oaks!

Hey there peeps of Sherman Oaks 91403. Ever wondered why the frequency of visits to your home by your friends and family members has been reducing gradually? Did you think of the possibility that it could be because of your stained, dirty and smelly carpets, rugs and sofa? Yes, there is an absolute chance! But do not fret yet, because we are here to end all your worries and to attract your friends and family members back into your home.

It is natural for your rugs, carpets, sofa and upholstered furniture to accumulate dust, dirt and other pollutants over time. They also get stained by pets, food spills, drink spills, and more. But what’s important is that you should have them cleaned regularly in order to avoid embarrassments. Our expert steam cleaners are ready to offer their help for all your steam cleaning needs. So stop thinking and start acting; call us anytime to get everything fixed.

Sherman Oaks, Simple and Easy

In your rush to get to a friend’s birthday party did you accidentally spill deodorant all over the floor and on your bedroom rug as well? Do your cleaning efforts seem to be too futile and is time running out? We at BH Carpet Cleaners can help you clean the mess you made, while allowing you to get to the party on time. Simply call us and we will show up at your home in Sherman Oaks (zip code 91403 and 91423), pick up the rug and drop it off later. We use effective and eco-friendly cleaning methods and techniques and machines like steam cleaners.

Did I just see that?

Okay, everyone stop for a moment in Sherman Oaks 91403 91423! Did I just watch your cat pee on the sofa? And that dog over there turned your rug into his backyard. And now it smells horrible, and who is going to want to sit on urine stains?? No one!!!   If you let them do that then you will have dirt, dusts, hair, pee, spots and stains all over you carpet, rugs, and upholstery. Lucky for you, Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners offers the best steam cleaning right in Sherman Oaks, using non-toxic, biodegradable products which are safe for the fam.

Give BH Carpet Cleaners Sherman Oaks and ask us about our non-toxic steam cleaning and our 10% OFF Discount Coupon!!

Greetings Sherman Oaks!

We are back this season Sherman Oaks 91403 91423! Good thing we dropped by, someone needs to remind you that your sofa, chairs, cushions, and benches already need to be cleaned. And you know what, BH Carpet Cleaners is still the best carpet cleaning company in town when it comes to furniture cleaning, we can’t be beat. Our experts in steam cleaning with organic and non-toxic products, we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our service. Now let’s get them cleaned guys! Call us right away!

Like Sands Through The Hourglass...

The holidays have come and gone. All the gifts have been returned for store credit to buy that new TV you always wanted. But you’re still vacuuming up pine needles aren’t you? You should call us; BH Carpet Cleaners! We specialize in.. Well anything! Seriously, whadda ya got? Wall to wall carpet littered with tinsel? No problem. 15 foot long sectional couch that your dog has claimed as his territory? Piece of cake. Whatever you throw at us we can handle it. IN FACT, since we love you guys SO much we’re bringing back that holiday spirit by pulling our 10% off coupon out from mothballs. Give us a call today and I’ll send out one of our Certified Professionals. We’re still Non Toxic and Organic and we’re still awesomely handsome. Give us a call today.

We're here for you and your family :-)

Everybody could use a little extra cash this holiday season.  BH Carpet Cleaners understands that and wants to help.  That’s why we’re offering you and your family a special Ten Percent Off discount that’s applicable to all of our professional steam cleaning services.  That includes non-toxic, organic and green cleaning of your wall to wall carpet, furniture, area rugs and upholstery.  It’s all for you, so all you have to do is print out our coupon on the right and present it to us when we arrive in your home, apartment or office.  We have a flexible schedule, so give us a call and we’ll figure out a good time for you.  :-)

Sherman Oaks Steam Cleaners

Hey now Sherman Oaks!  A little bird told us that it’s been a while since you last had your carpet cleaned!  So BH Carpet Cleaners is knock, knock, knockin on your door with the best and most professional carpet steaming service in the San Fernando Valley!  We use the strongest and safest non-toxic, organic and green services for cleaning your wall to wall carpet and washing your area rugs and furniture/upholstery in your home, apartment or office.  We’re available seven days a week all over the Valley, Los Angeles and the rest of West LA to provide professional and healthy results in your home!  Just call BH Carpet Cleaners today and you’ll receive a free estimate right over the phone!

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2 reviews on Sherman Oaks Steam Cleaners

  • My sister was right Barb Collins

    My kid sister told me to use these guys and I was reluctant because I always just use Stanley Steemers, but I saw how clean her place was and I figured I’d give BHCC a try. I admit, the results were better and the technician was friendlier. The price was about the same, so I had a new company. And BHCC always sends the same guy, where as I always met somebody new with Stanley. Good to know the guy already knows exactly what to do in my home.

  • 10/10 Lisa Erin

    I have not been this happy with a service provided in my home ever. The customer service was fantastic, super friendly and all the while still completely professional. Then the results were just as they said they would be. I’ve used a lot of other companies for other services and they all were good but they just lacked the extra punch that this company gives.


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